5. Oct, 2022

When some kids played football in my era they pretended to be Brian Robson, Gary Lineker or Glenn Hoddle.

5. Sep, 2022

My old man bless him is 76 now.

20. Jul, 2022

Don't throw away the baby with the bath water....

12. Jun, 2022

Because re-cycling is important, even with ideas...

3. May, 2022

Awards are a bit of a dud, really aren’t they?

3. Apr, 2022

It's about being better fans...

11. Mar, 2022

nbsp; Two unrelated stories that I’ll try to bind together afterwards into a bigger point.

21. Feb, 2022

We beat Swansea City 3-2 on Sky before Christmas in 2018.

7. Feb, 2022

I started watching a random City game on Tiger Tube today.

24. Jan, 2022

I think we can all put most City managers in a fairly broad descriptive range, sure there may be some dissent (isn’t there always with this fan base?

12. Jan, 2022

With extra cheese...

15. Dec, 2021

*Warning* may contain Brian Laws references...

1. Dec, 2021

Hull_Kogan I hope you are reading....

18. Nov, 2021

When I was growing up in the eighties most of the kids where I was from wanted to be like a professional footballer.

12. Nov, 2021

Rich Gardham’s tweets are the reason I’m writing this.

1. Nov, 2021

A balanced view of our latest very city predicament...

7. Oct, 2021

So, the “The Eight types of City fan on Twitter” seemed to give everyone a laugh (which was the intention) and various people recognised themselves as a type.

16. Sep, 2021

The #hcafc is a funny place at times.

7. Sep, 2021

For an exiled fan like myself deciding where to sit at home is never easy.

22. Aug, 2021

If we can agree on one thing it's that City fans aren't going to agree on much.

16. Aug, 2021

Now you know I like a left field reference... there's two in here...

1. Aug, 2021

The kids are alright, but are they more than alright?

19. Jul, 2021

Let's never play in May again....

23. Jun, 2021

Euro 2020 is why I'm writing this blog.

3. Jun, 2021

I'm never sure if it's City fans on Twitter that are a little different or if it's just City fans in general.

25. May, 2021

I was walking out of Wembley in 2008 after the play-off final when a somewhat salty Bristol City supporter engaged me in conversation.

19. Sep, 2022

Like so many of my blogs, I’ve shameless stolen my idea from someone else.

26. Aug, 2022

Fantasy football was just beginning to grow in the early nineties when I was at University.

28. Jun, 2022

In mid-September 2021, we’d really hit a wall.

23. May, 2022

Accurately perceiving a response to a blog can be a very inexact science.

25. Apr, 2022

Well the season is coming to an end.

31. Mar, 2022

I was reflecting on the topics I’ve covered in the last year recently and I concluded that the most responded to blogs are often paying tribute to former pla...

28. Feb, 2022

Now rather than delve into my iffy wrestling reference in my title (see nineties WCW) the other reason I’ve named this blog “The third man” is because if you...

15. Feb, 2022

Some of my favourite posters in the past and present about City have vastly different opinions to myself on the club.

1. Feb, 2022

If you’re a regular reader of the blog you’ll know I’m not the greatest fan of much of the media coverage of the club.

17. Jan, 2022

Because just like all the ITK lads... I don't have a clue...

21. Dec, 2021

Boy... this was hard work...

6. Dec, 2021

Even if it was purgatory for ninety minutes....

23. Nov, 2021

We live in a world where everyone is biased.

15. Nov, 2021

Women’s football is why I’m writing this…  On Sunday I went to watch a Women’s FA cup game near my home town and the opposition Clapton CFC must have br...

5. Nov, 2021

Not just City, but the wider football world...

18. Oct, 2021

The last fans dribble out of the "Deliveroo Arena" on a rainy October Saturday...

27. Sep, 2021

Send your hate tweets to @thelikesofhull

14. Sep, 2021

After the brave attempts by Mr J Uzzell Esq to make the South Stand sing, and the ace idea of young Bentos starting the "We built this City" chant was follow...

24. Aug, 2021

Tuesday night without a City game is a bit strange at the moment.

17. Aug, 2021

Loaded magazine had a recurring article I used to enjoy...

3. Aug, 2021

If you have to travel a lot to watch this club you can end up in some quite bizarre #hcafc related conversations to kill time.

25. Jul, 2021

Hull's strength and weakness as a city is that it swims against the tide of culture quite a lot.

1. Jul, 2021

The Euro's are why I'm writing this blog again.

14. Jun, 2021

The curious reality of not really having a rival club... kind of.

25. May, 2021

One of the few things Hull City fans can agree about is that they don't agree about very much.