22. Aug, 2021

A call for perspective, humour and some parameters from the fan base.

If we can agree on one thing it's that City fans aren't going to agree on much.

I think by and large the current fan base can be broken into three groups.

  1. People who will never forgive the owners and either don't go or mainly go away, it doesn't matter what changes in the club they'll only change their stance when the Allam’s exit.
  2. People who would rather have change and want new owners but want to support the team and still experience the ups and downs of supporting the team.
  3. Those who have little or no problems with the owners and want to support the team and attend like they always did.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but I'd say the biggest group is group two. Most of us want the club to move forward and hope it happens but actually want to enjoy the games. Although sections one and three are not so small either.

I'm writing this twenty four hours after the game and it's probably a good job because in the last twenty minutes or so I was fuming.

We were 2-0 down to a side that's about the favourite to win the league. We made a bright start and the first Fulham goal absolutely shouldn't stand at all. A clear block that was practised and cynically executed was blissfully ignored by the home pleasing ref which gave them a lead they didn't really deserve and it was an uphill climb from there. The same ref decided the Fulham player jumping into a challenge and poleaxing Greg Docherty was half time rather than a free kick and a card, it was always going to be a tough ask and he tipped it from tough to impossible.

However as outgunned as we were, there was no quit from a young city team missing their top scorer, most creative two midfielders and star centre back. They took it on the chin and didn't stop. I can see a lot of teams getting beat by fours and fives by billionaire owned Fulham and we weren't one. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't great, but I'm not sure with the players we were missing and such ineptness from a professional official that we could have done much better.

Which takes me back to why I was fuming. The songs that came from the away end in the second half. Firstly the inevitable Allam based songs. I have no problem with them being

sang, but were they sang at Preston at 2-1 or 3-1 up? Of course not. So are we punishing the players for losing to the best team in the league by singing protest songs? Who are we protesting to? If Ehab was there, he doesn't care if you sing songs about them, he might even like it.

Bottom line, sing them or don't. Don't sing them because we are losing.

I did like the fact for a long time they were sang at 19.04. That made sense. Its a few minutes of songs, to stand united and move on. Rolling them out when we lose seems like fan boy nonsense that helps nobody.

The second bit that annoyed me was the serenading of Marco Silva and other former players.

I don't mind a bit of "Don't sell Mc Shane" on occasions and there's nothing wrong with a Theo or retro song, but the kissing up to Silva was cringe worthy. He did a nice job for us, ultimately came up short then left. The little exchange of claps at the end was all that was needed, don't support him in the actual game! Support the team.

We don't really have songs for Wilks, KLP (and don't say "one of our own"), Doch, Jacob Greaves, Josh Magennis or Lewie Coyle. Perhaps some of the fan base would be better off using their energy in paying tribute to some of these lads rather than a journeyman manager that was off as soon as we were down four years back. This young team deserve the effort of a song and the delivery of one about them. They won a league for crying out loud.

I was in the stands in the mid-nineties when the Dolan-Fish era came to a horrific conclusion. Those were the worst of times, a stadium falling apart, no money at all and a team not unlike a Sunday league outfit. Yet the fans I'd say in that era managed to walk the line of supporting players and asking for change with a little bit more humour, there doesn't seem much of that about twenty five years later.

A poster on twitter suggested we should sing to the tune of "We built this City" by Starship.

"We built this city on frees and loans".

That is quite brilliant, self-deprecating and yet catchy. I think even the City players would find that funny. This is the sort of content we need on match days.

One of my blogs last week about the choices for people going or not got plenty of reactions and the inevitable criticism from sections one and three of the fans and like I said, we can barely agree the day ends in a “y” as a fan base, but it would be interesting to see if we can't agree on some basics.

  1. Have some new songs for our current team.
  2. Go back to having a point of the game to sing the Allam out songs, and please don't just sing them when we lose.
  3. Show some humour in our support and a bit of humility. This was always going to be a tough start. Stick with this young team a bit.

More than anything the players need us behind them.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to listen to Starship “We built this city” on Apple Music.